Stay Away Series: Sandals

This post is one of several included in the “Stay Away Series.” Each post features a particular item the modern, balanced man should aim to stay away from, with a couple of RARE exceptions that will be highlighted within the article. It’s these articles of clothing/accessories that many tend to succumb to from time to time (or all too often..). Avoidance of these items tends to separate a style conscious man from the rest, and it’s quite simple to find an alternative which we aim to help you with.


It pains me even typing out the word! Everyone usually owns at least one pair: your typical Rainbows, Reef, or maybe the $5 pair you picked up at Walmart/Target. You often see men rocking them at the convenience store, out to lunch, or, sigh, even at a bar/low key nightlife scene.

To put it simply, the sandal is single-handedly the accessory that most signifies you put nominal effort into your presentation and general attire.

They aren’t too appealing and don’t add anything to your overall outfit. You don’t look at a man and say, “Gee, those sandals are absolutely killer! I wish I was rocking those with my denim today.”  Staying away from sandals gives you more time and options to sport proper footwear that actually accentuate your style and appearance.

Chances are, your feet game isn’t too strong unless you’re getting pedicures regularly, which is completely fine. Please don’t misinterpret this as a suggestion for foot salon treatment to promote usage of sandals (Side note: foot maintenance will likely be covered at a later time if you were just alerted to a deficiency); I’m saying most men don’t maintain their feet to a level that would be conducive to presenting them luxuriously via sandals.

Wearing sandals usually goes something like this: You woke up, hastily slide into your sandals, threw on the rest of your outfit accordingly and are ready to go. Your outfit should require at least a moment of thought, and you lose that with sandals.

Common Counterarguments:

“But I live in a beach town, that makes it acceptable, right?”

“But, it’s just so easy!”

“I don’t care what I wear on my feet.”

While some of these statements may seem valid to he who speaks it, a style-conscious man usually isn’t that person. While I’m sure they possess fantastic qualities, I certainly wouldn’t advise you to take fashion advice from those individuals!


1) Sauna, as shoes typically aren’t allowed and you may not want to be barefoot for health purposes

2) Poolside..within reason. Some may argue it’s practical to don sandals when poolside. I still affirm there are more fashion-forward options available for this type of occasion as well, such as a casual loafer or boat shoe (Caution: consider avoiding mimicing every American fraternity gent by wearing the same type of boat shoe, and thinking you’re different because you chose the off-brown shade instead of the white or typical brown! Trust me, it’s still the same shoe. Venture out to a different style of boat shoe, for example). Both alternatives would be best worn with no socks.

My goal isn’t to tell you what to do, it’s to help guide you in a different direction you may not have considered before. Give yourself the respect you deserve…consider ditching the sandals.

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