About Us


I’m Justin, a 26 year old Dentist, amateur bodybuilder, and menswear enthusiast. Originally from Southern California, I’ve spent the last seven years receiving my education in San Diego and San Francisco and currently reside in Seattle for dental residency. Long-term goals include private practice dentistry and roles in dental education, providing value to others through healthcare and personal training, and curating this very site! Other interests include mindfulness, faith and spirituality which you may see on the site from time to time. I believe we have the capability to grow each day if we establish our vision, dedicate ourselves to our goals, and strive for an elevated state of mind. This life isn’t meant to be spent alone, so let’s band together and rise each other up!

My name is Jonathan. I’m a sartorially inclined, fitness driven 25 year old who is trying to figure out this whole “adult” thing. I work for an investment management firm out of Los Angeles where we focus on commercial real estate across North America. Outside of finance, my interests lie in entrepreneurship, menswear, overall health & nutrition, and how to better myself each day. I believe that in life, balance is key. We are not defined by any singular aspect or characteristic so we should not limit ourselves to it. Let’s focus on how to be the best version of you through a balanced and well-rounded life!

Why Are We Doing This?

Growing up together, we quickly realized we had similar interests across a variety of platforms including fashion, fitness, health and becoming a better man comprehensively. Naturally, that allowed for a strong friendship that has persisted despite living in different areas for the last eight years! We’re extremely dedicated to improvement on a daily basis. Why should we keep all that we learn to ourselves? We believe in a world where we help our fellow man in his pursuit for a magnified life by offering valuable content across a host of subjects.

How Are We Different from the Others?

Why does everything have to be a competition? Look, we’re not trying to be your luxury menswear site that pours a ton of money and resources into design and upkeep. We also don’t have a team of 100 members, capable of producing an immense amount of content on a daily basis. We are simply two guys who are passionate about leading a balanced life with purpose and meaning. And we want to help you do the same. We are dedicated to providing you with compelling articles that cover strategies, tips and principles you can implement today, without breaking your bank or requiring you to spend additional time researching. We’ll do the homework, you benefit. Our aim is to simplify this convoluted life and help you on your quest to becoming a more curated man!

We don’t claim to know everything, and have plenty of room to grow ourselves. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons for this project as it allows us to expand our minds with each post we research and produce.  We encourage interaction, questions, and suggestions.  We all progress more when we do it together in positivity, so don’t be shy.